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He’s Not Homophobic, He Just Doesn’t Want His Johnson Sucked

Screw ethics…  This was the reply I received.

Re: hello
hun it has nothing to do with the fact that you are gay he is being harassed by many gay men on his website on his facebook since the adding of this video you have onto your channel i know because i actually am his girlfriend, they were able to contact Boris because you released his full name on the video! Boris is not only a strong man competitor but a father and a personal trainer, he is being asked constantly if he is wanting to join that bearmythology group and having guys asking him can they suck his dick, Boris wouldn’t be harassed because that video has a different message to it its not just a video of him competing its a type of turn on video to people with that fetish. and for you bringing u the fact that you feel that its because its gay if i was a guy that had nothing to do with what you were talking about and you were putting it out there as if he did i would be pissed to if i was in his situation he is harassed and it is ridiculous and Boris isnt homophobic hes just pissed of he doesn’t want his dick sucked and he doesn’t want to meet up with gay bears wanting a quick fuck, so i will say this to you thank you for removing the video

and another thing
in the end that is all we wanted was the video to be removed im sure many people who are involuntarily featured on your channel may feel the same way try and consider that sometime

I’m still debating whether to respond to Boris’ girlfriend.  Join the “bearmythology group”?  What group is she talking about?  Oh wow, I released Boris’ full name!  Wow.  Again, I am the cause of all this.  I posted that video clip “because [I feel that] its gay”?  Hey lady, make up your mind.  Does this have nothing to do with “my gayness” or not?

I just hope that Boris’ girlfriend stumbles upon this blog and gets frustrated at my inconsiderate posting of her YouTube reply.  Not only that, I hope she requests that I remove this photograph as well.  I mean, God-forbid, he is not only a strong man competitor but a father AND a personal trainer.