He’s Not Homophobic, He Just Doesn’t Want His Johnson Sucked

Screw ethics…  This was the reply I received.

Re: hello
hun it has nothing to do with the fact that you are gay he is being harassed by many gay men on his website on his facebook since the adding of this video you have onto your channel i know because i actually am his girlfriend, they were able to contact Boris because you released his full name on the video! Boris is not only a strong man competitor but a father and a personal trainer, he is being asked constantly if he is wanting to join that bearmythology group and having guys asking him can they suck his dick, Boris wouldn’t be harassed because that video has a different message to it its not just a video of him competing its a type of turn on video to people with that fetish. and for you bringing u the fact that you feel that its because its gay if i was a guy that had nothing to do with what you were talking about and you were putting it out there as if he did i would be pissed to if i was in his situation he is harassed and it is ridiculous and Boris isnt homophobic hes just pissed of he doesn’t want his dick sucked and he doesn’t want to meet up with gay bears wanting a quick fuck, so i will say this to you thank you for removing the video

and another thing
in the end that is all we wanted was the video to be removed im sure many people who are involuntarily featured on your channel may feel the same way try and consider that sometime

I’m still debating whether to respond to Boris’ girlfriend.  Join the “bearmythology group”?  What group is she talking about?  Oh wow, I released Boris’ full name!  Wow.  Again, I am the cause of all this.  I posted that video clip “because [I feel that] its gay”?  Hey lady, make up your mind.  Does this have nothing to do with “my gayness” or not?

I just hope that Boris’ girlfriend stumbles upon this blog and gets frustrated at my inconsiderate posting of her YouTube reply.  Not only that, I hope she requests that I remove this photograph as well.  I mean, God-forbid, he is not only a strong man competitor but a father AND a personal trainer.

10 thoughts on “He’s Not Homophobic, He Just Doesn’t Want His Johnson Sucked”

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  2. hey guys, my friend pointed this discussion out to me but i see it´s quite old so maybe no one will read my reply but here goes.

    i put my facebook page up for my fans or anyone interested in contacting me so i usually accept all friend requests unless the profile picture is out of order. . . that goes for men and women

    i´m not homofobic at all and i´m glad i have (or had) such a huge group of gay fans. . . i´ve had a lot of good conversations with some gay guys and helped a few of them out with their training and their diet.

    i had no idea there was such a thing as a group of guys that called themselves bearhunters until few months ago and thought it was quite amusing (no offence)

    i told my friend about this (the one that sent you the e-mail) and she told me that she had seen my picture on this blog/website and that was the reason for all the bearhunters adding me on facebook.

    then she told me that she was going to send an e-mail to the administrator about taking my photo down and i told her that she didn´t have to but she insisted. . . i didn´t want to argue with her and i also thought it was quite cute that she was looking out for me.

    and there´s no reason to be rude to her. . . she was just trying to look out for me and she´s a really nice person so please be nice.

    the e-mails she´s referring to are messages sent to me on facebook and i´ve had quite a few that were just really rude and the guys just wouldn´t take no for an answer. . . which at the time was pretty frustrating since i was getting a ton of them. . . in those cases i deleted the guys from my friends account.

    and here are answers to some of your questions.

    you´re not the cause of all this by releasing my full name. . . i´ve been on international tv several times so a bunch of people know my name.

    i don´t deny friend requests unless the profile pic is not suitable. . . like a faceless picture of a guy holding his crotch. . . sorry, i just don´t think it´s appropriate

    the women that have messaged me and offered to suck my off have taken no for an answer. . . and most of the guys too.

    i´ve never made it to the finals at wsm but thanks for rubbing my nose in it (kidding)

    and i am glad i have a following, gay or straight. . . that´s the reason i put that facebook page up in the first place (i did, not her). . . and i don´t think it´s cheesy at all (but to each his own i guess), it´s good for people that want to contact me and for me to contact other people.

    about my gay posing on facebook, humping kevin nee and all that. . . i uploaded most of those pictures myself. . . would i do that if i was severly homofobic or even be posing in the first place?

    i would never get a lawyer because of a silly thing like that. . . if you really want to have the video up there it´s fine with me

    and my real name is kristinn oskar haraldsson which is quite funny because in every other country in the world it´s a girls name but in iceland the girls name has one “n” at the end but the boys has two

    the boris name is because of an incident that happened in 1996 while i was in the coast guard. . . long story so i´m not gonna get into it but it wasn´t because i wanted something more butch. . . and it´s actually quite good for me and others cause it´s virtually impossible for foreigners to pronounce my real name correctly

    hey man, i´m sorry if i reacted badly to your question about if i was gay or not (must have been a bad day)

    but for a while the messages were piling in from gay guys (which was cool). . . but like i said, some of them were just really rude and i was a bit frustrated at a certain point.

    and to the spelling champion. . . i´m from iceland so i´m guessing there´s a few type-o´s

    so to sum it up:

    i´m not gay but i have nothing against gay guys. . . except the really rude ones but that doesn´t just concern gay guys, i just don´t like rude people.

    this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion and i´m sorry if someone got offended.

    my friend that sent you the e-mail is a cool chick so please lay off the name calling and all

    i hope we´re all cool and you guys can put this whole thing behind you

    you can add me on facebook and check out my pictures there if you like. . . got some viking shots and other stuff that people find really interesting (especially my gay fb friends)

    thanks so much everyone and i hope you´ll be understanding


    boris haraldsson
    icelands strongest man

  3. I contacted him on facebook—he hates being asked if he’s gay! Got this big email back about it that he’s fed up with it! It’s length and context make me feel he is homophobic. Terry Hollands too—they’re always making gay jokes on facebook, to the point were I removed myself from being either’s friend.

    What was in the video?

  4. I can’t seem to stop laughing so hard…”He doesn’t want his Johnson sucked” that was priceless!!!!!!!!!
    From reading this message,this person doesn’t seem like a girl,this is my opinion.Plus why she didn’t say that in the first messages she send ya.I can’t buy this,now all the world is sexualizing Boris,well hey what about Abraham Benrubi,Brendon Gleeson,George Clooney,Kevin Smith,Kevin James…these guys are all straight/married but still they are desired by ather men.Anyone is free to speak his mind.Youtube post thousands of video for different tastes and what full name? He is already a celebrity and a sport-man of course he have his name eveywhere!
    Just keep doing your thing,Bill…..im rooting for ya 😉

  5. DogWater posted this here and for some reason, it got detected as spam and I can’t seem to recover it. I did cut & paste it though as it has some important information! 🙂

    Posted by DogWater
    August 19, 2008
    at 12:07 PM

    No way is that his girlfriend. Somebody is messing with you. Put the vid back up and leave it there unless you hear from his lawyers!

    Btw did you know that Boris’s real name is Kristinn? I guess he uses Boris coz he wanted something a bit more butch.

  6. I don’t know why he would even have a cheesy facebook page if he doesn’t want to be contacted, I think it was created by his so-called gf (aka skanky groupie friend). She sure knows that he doesn’t want his cock sucked because she’s not getting any taste of it probably because he prefers men to suck his cock and she’s just jealous. Besides we are much better cocksucskers than women. Never apologize to them, because if it were a woman who posted it on YouTube I bet they’ll never complain. I would, however, prefer that I hear from him personally (like Phil Martin did with you). Anyway, would it be alright if you can email me that video so I can upload it on my DailyMotion channel? If she writes me, I would definitely give the shallow simpleton the finger.

    Check out Boris’ gay pose on facebook:

    Now did Boris or the girlfriend posted that? It’s very gay and I’m sure he got emails from it too.

  7. ok, honestly? it’s pathetic of her (if it is a her) to post a hateful comment towards you. “it’s got nothing to do that your gay” secondly facebook?? the only way he’ll be accessed that way is if he goes to school somewhere or has a network, like work. now if “she” said myspace then yeah i can understand that. but come on “he doesn’t want his name displayed” um rather stupid since gay straight bi and whoever goes to these things. oh well, he’ll never make it and if he did he lost a fan. you know you can have ‘her’ band for harrassment. btw great blog.

  8. And the fact that you posted his full name…okay, like we have never seen him on WSM, or any of the other strongman contests on television. In fact, that video was a capture from television…I know cuz I saw the original. Hello, lady! We knew him long before he was posted on here! And he doesn’t want his dick sucked…at all? I know of NO man who doesn’t want that at all. And yeah, if he actually managed to get close to winning the damn contests he participates in…I mean he always gets knocked out of the finals and if he makes it, he’s ends up in like 8th or 9th place.

  9. He’s being harrassed on facebook? That would require him to, Iono, accept friend requests, and last time I checked, they’re refuseable.

    Why does it matter that they’re men wanting to suck him off? If it was women, would he feel differently? Why can’t he be glad that he has a following at all.

  10. First of all, have to say I love your blog. Second, Mr. Haraldsson’s “girlfriend” needs to learn how to spell and write a cohesive, punctuated sentence. It warms my heart that your replies to her are well-written, lucid, and logical. Go gays, and go bears!

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