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Shirtless Saturday: Larry The Cable Guy As A Merman

"Wish I could be, part of that world...."

I’ve posted some snapshots of Larry The Cable Guy all dressed up as a mermaid for an upcoming TV show called “Only In America” in Tumblr.  Then my good buddy, G, sent me a plethora of images of this TV show that I will make my lifelong mission to NOT miss at all in The History Channel!  Whatcha waiting for?  Head on over to Tampa Bay Online for more photos of the woofy Larry The Cable Guy!

Shirtless Saturday: Larry The Cable Guy

I’m not going to mention that these screenshots are from a Blue Collar TV DVD.  I’m also not even going to mention that I own said DVD.  All that matters is that Larry The Cable Guy is shirtless in this here screenshots…  Git-R-Done!  Um, yeah…

Good ‘ol Larry is not shirtless in the following video and screenshots, but the above jacuzzi scene (specifically, the “armpit” shot) reminded me of this sketch: “Hick Eye For The Queer Guy.”

(higher quality version, I guess)

I’m pretty sure that some might get offended by the above video.  I mean, if you really analyzed it, it’s utterly homophobic.  However, our three comedians tend to celebrate their stereotypical blue-collar/redneck lifestyle (specifically the negative aspects of it, such as uneducated and classless), so I guess it all balances out.

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Larry The Cable Guy, Clearly Semi-Nude

I got an anonymous email (hey, I don’t bite!) about some high-resolution production shots from Larry The Cable Guy’s Witless Protection.  I’ve posted some screenshots before, but none of them could even compare to that glorious crystal-clear image of an almost nude Larry The Cable Guy.

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Ty Olsson: “Chaos Theory”

When I first saw X2: X-Men United on opening day, I lost concentration on the movie ever since Ty Olsson‘s character showed up. And ever since then, I would occasionally keep track of his bio to see what else he’s doing. I was a bit disappointed to know that he’s not typically a heavyset guy and that he specifically gained weight for that film (as discussed in this great interview). Still, my first impression of him will be burned in my memory forever. As a bonus, I love the fact that he resembles Larry the Cable Guy.

The following screenshots are from a trailer for Chaos Theory. It’s an upcoming film that stars Ryan Reynolds, who had also starred in another film with Mr. Ty Olsson called Just Friends.





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Larry The Cable Guy: “Witless Protection” HD Trailer 1 of 3

Just in case you can’t wait for this cinematic masterpiece on February 22 (or the eventual DVD release), here are some screenshots from the Quicktime HD Trailer:

“Larry the Cable Guy, you are hereby under arrest for making movies.”

“Aw, shucks, I’m just tryin’ to entertain people…”

“Don’t you think I’m somewhat good looking?”

You know, I don’t blame Larry the Cable Guy for making disposable and forgettable movies.  We live in a society where the majority expects the “fat guy” in movies and television to be a sidekick or a humorous extra.  He’s just appeasing to what the public expect from chubby rednecks: that is to be dumb, non-PC, juvenile, sexist, and always breaking wind.

Other than that, please make more movies Mr. Larry the Cable Guy.  You are very damn hot.

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Larry The Cable Guy: “Witless Protection”

I have impeccable tastes in films.  I’m a film snob, if you will, a connoisseur of fine movies.  So, it is with utmost assurance that I can claim Larry The Cable Guy’s upcoming new film, Witless Protection, is going to…


Well, consider my movie ticket bought! 😛

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