Larry The Cable Guy, Clearly Semi-Nude

I got an anonymous email (hey, I don’t bite!) about some high-resolution production shots from Larry The Cable Guy’s Witless Protection.  I’ve posted some screenshots before, but none of them could even compare to that glorious crystal-clear image of an almost nude Larry The Cable Guy.

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15 thoughts on “Larry The Cable Guy, Clearly Semi-Nude”

  1. I’m built like Larry, and I favor him some. I went to a straight bar once, jeans, boots and a sleeveless flannel shirt on — standard fare in Arkansas. Dunno how many trashy women came up to me. Took home a hot rodeo cowboy, though. Git r done!

  2. I agree – everything about this man is delicious. A perfect belly with a handsome, irresistable face. And what a sense of humor!!

  3. thank god for the hat
    This movie was actually pretty good if it wasnt for that scene i liked his other movie health inspector alot better though

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