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Bullneckblog: Dispatches From The Goonited States

I recently just exhausted myself from reading through Bullneck’s LiveJournal: Bullneckblog.  I was blown away by his hot drawings, entertaining writing, and always hot pictorials.  I have also been schooled with creative terminologies that I was not aware of.  Here’s a sample:

As one of Bullneck’s readers has suggested, this NEEDS to be a wallpaper.
And that is the HOT Gerard Benderoth.  And, yes, Bullneck has dibs on him.

“Bullgoon” is a sub-category in itself in the sub-culture world of bears and chubs.  It’s like a mixture of musclemen/bears/chubs, with a fantasy element to it, in regards to wearing uniforms, specifically those of in official and authoritarian designs.

I signed up for LiveJournal just so I could make Bullneck my LJ friend (so that I can subscribe to his awesome blog).  I have nothing in that blog yet, but I think I will use it to put my *really* personal thoughts as I’d like to make this BearMythology blog more of a “lightly personal but informative blog.”

Here’s another sampling of one of his Bullgoons:

Beer, Gatorade, and _____.  Yes, please, may I please have all three… ^_^

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