Bullneckblog: Dispatches From The Goonited States

I recently just exhausted myself from reading through Bullneck’s LiveJournal: Bullneckblog.  I was blown away by his hot drawings, entertaining writing, and always hot pictorials.  I have also been schooled with creative terminologies that I was not aware of.  Here’s a sample:

As one of Bullneck’s readers has suggested, this NEEDS to be a wallpaper.
And that is the HOT Gerard Benderoth.  And, yes, Bullneck has dibs on him.

“Bullgoon” is a sub-category in itself in the sub-culture world of bears and chubs.  It’s like a mixture of musclemen/bears/chubs, with a fantasy element to it, in regards to wearing uniforms, specifically those of in official and authoritarian designs.

I signed up for LiveJournal just so I could make Bullneck my LJ friend (so that I can subscribe to his awesome blog).  I have nothing in that blog yet, but I think I will use it to put my *really* personal thoughts as I’d like to make this BearMythology blog more of a “lightly personal but informative blog.”

Here’s another sampling of one of his Bullgoons:

Beer, Gatorade, and _____.  Yes, please, may I please have all three… ^_^

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7 thoughts on “Bullneckblog: Dispatches From The Goonited States”

  1. Howdy Tommy: Well, a lot of the terms just come to mind and aren’t as concretely defined. ‘Lug’ for example is any big guy in general, whilst ‘bullhawg’ might be a more chubby guy who still has a bullish air of power or authority to them. In general I’d say to have some fun with the terms, and glad you like the blog.

  2. I think it’s really cool…but what are all the terms about…I tried looking around his blog and it is cool all the names like bullhawgs and lugs…that’s awesome but what do the terms refer to as far as the “bullgoon” terminology…I mean I understand the “bullgoon” term from the picture posted and generally what the “community” is about but what about the terms like “bullhawg” and such…I’m really interested to know.

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