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Drew Powell: Simply Beautiful

I recently posted about the Jack In The Box Fruit Smoothies Commercial and it was bothering me that I did not know the name of the gorgeous jogger in the commercial, even though he looked very familiar.  Luckily, my good friend, PORTO, is a sharp-eyed bear lover who educated me on this beautiful man’s name: Drew Powell.

Ah, yes.  I can sleep soundly now…

Make sure you check out Drew Powell’s Official Site as it has loads of photos and videos.  Also, check out his MySpace Page and IMDB bio.

I am so crazy in love with the photo above.  At a certain angle, he reminds me of another woofy actor, Louis Lombardi.  They both just seem to possess and be blessed with those luscious lips.

And at another angle, he reminds me of Vincent D’Onofrio.

And when he’s sporting a beard, he reminds me of Michael Rispoli

Either way, even with all of those resemblances, all I can say is that this bearish man is definitely and seriously beautiful…

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Louis Lombardi: “Doughboys”

Doughboys is directed and co-written by Louis Lombardi.  I’m not sure if and when it will be released to the general public, but it appears to be a very interesting flick.  Family business, gambling, and the Mafia.  What’s not to like?  For more info on Doughboys, here’s its MySpace Official Site.

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Louis Lombardi: Actor, Filmmaker, Motivational Speaker

Louis Lombardi just has that gorgeous Italian handsome looks. And I also love to listen to his deep and husky Brooklyn accent. Very sexy, most definitely.

I also love the fact that in most of his film/tv appearances, he tend to unbutton his top shirt, revealing a glimpse of his furry chest. I first saw him on Deuces Wild, and I became his fan ever since.

The stunning lady behind him is his wife, Miranda. What a beautiful couple!

Make sure to check out his Official Site. It has clips of some of his acting reels.

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