Louis Lombardi: Actor, Filmmaker, Motivational Speaker

Louis Lombardi just has that gorgeous Italian handsome looks. And I also love to listen to his deep and husky Brooklyn accent. Very sexy, most definitely.

I also love the fact that in most of his film/tv appearances, he tend to unbutton his top shirt, revealing a glimpse of his furry chest. I first saw him on Deuces Wild, and I became his fan ever since.

The stunning lady behind him is his wife, Miranda. What a beautiful couple!

Make sure to check out his Official Site. It has clips of some of his acting reels.

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2 thoughts on “Louis Lombardi: Actor, Filmmaker, Motivational Speaker”

  1. “Gorgeous italian handsome look”?

    Oh yes! You couldn’t have said it with better words…
    He has the face of a butcher or a “hand worker”

    (and this pic with his unzipped rain/leather jacket…whao! i’m sure he knows this blog!)

    ps to miranda: i hate you lol

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