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Donnie Davies: “Take My Hand”

Bless ye, oh Lord, thank thee for heeding my prayers and guiding the Reverend Donnie Davies from composing another wonderful music video about those homosexual heathens…


(higher quality version)

Ah, yes, it’s been a long time, ahem, coming, but oh, hell freaking yes, I just love this second music video from the infamous reverend of The Bible Says.  That Donnie Davies moustache is a character in itself.  Love it!  Anyway, I was amazed at my Joey Oglesby radar for knowing that he had just uploaded this video on his YouTube channel (or maybe it’s because I’m always checking it and his MySpace page everyday).  -_^

Gotta love the random Michael Phelps photograph on the piano…

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Donnie Davies: “To Enter Heaven, There’s No Back Door”

“The Bible Says” music video

I’m pretty late to this “God Hates Fags” viral video but I can’t help smiling at the whole conceit of its creation.  First off, great satire is when people are not quite sure whether it’s satire or not, and in this case, there are people on both sides who are clearly not sure whether this was a joke or not.  I, myself, had to do a double-take, but it’s clearly a stab at hateful people specifically like the Reverend (lol) Fred Phelps.

Other than that, this video is worth watching because the actor that plays Donnie Davies is a seriously woofy bear…

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