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Lyndon Byers: Don’t Mess With LB

That “specific” look from both men (in the match.com “Attraction Test”) who are my types remind me of quite a few bearish men that I am definitely quick to get attracted to.  Just looking at the two of them, they both represent my love for husky bears and chubby bears.  I guess the only type of bears I don’t typically get attracted to are of the “Tom Selleck”-variety*.

Well, if I mixed in “Your Type #1” with “Your Type #2,” I think I could come up with the very woofy Lyndon Byers.  LB’s an ex-Hockey player for the Boston Bruins back in the ’80s; and he’s normally known for being a damn good fighter in the ice.  Just check out YouTube for his countless “versus” videos.  I’m sure we will one day have an MMA offshoot where combatants will be pitted in ice rinks, raging rivers, and even in a Rancor Pit.

I can listen to LB talk all day and here’s a couple of short video clips of him.

The following screenshots are from a great television series called Rescue Me.  I haven’t seen the latest season yet, but I’ve enjoyed every episode so far.  There are 3 other cute bears in the series as well.





* Though I did almost hurt myself watching Tom Selleck in an ABC(?) Celebrity All-Stars Sport event back in the early ’80s; you see, I was just circumcised at the time and seeing Mr. Selleck in his speedos almost drove me nuts (pun-intended).  Sadly, I prefer much-beefier men nowadays…