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One Thick Muscle Guy Getting Massaged Coming Right Up

At BearMythology, it’s all about the simple and finer things.  In this case, a little thing such as a “massage” ends up becoming more than just the act.  So on this late Sunday edition, we have a smooth muscle man wearing only briefs while he’s being massaged by a very lucky lady.

Check out the boy watching the whole thing unfold.  If I was that kid, I’d be completely entranced and not getting bored and yawning.  😉  Thank you to petrbrezna from YouTube for this three-part massage session series of videos…

PS: What happened to Part 4?  There’s definitely a major body part that’s been unfortunately missed!  I mean, how could you have missed it?  -_^

Would You Massage A Naked Drew Powell?

If you had to even think, then I’m gonna whack you on the side of the head.  I mean…  COME ON! 😛

Drew Powell psych 15So again, I ask: Would you massage me naked?

This is Drew Powell‘s massage scene in Psych (Season 3, Episode 13) where he — get this — did not get massaged!  Utterly disappointing.  Well, beggars can’t be choosers since we are treated to some cute shots of him looking all handsome and helpless on the massage table…  Awww…

Drew Powell psych 02

Drew Powell psych 06

Drew Powell psych 09

Drew Powell psych 10

Drew Powell psych 12

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