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On Valentine’s Day 2004, I Took This Test At Work Then Went Home A Failsome Failure

<cue Little River Band’s “Lonesome Loser”>

I know these are my test results but I figure that it might interest you guys; as I’m sure that my results will be eerily similar to most of yours (if you do take the test).

That’s the thing though.  I can’t find this test anymore.  I’m not sure if I have to sign in to match.com and I don’t have the desire to do so.  Also, I’m just curious to see if the test has “improved.”  I guess I’m baiting someone out there to be a guinea pig and sign up for it.  Lol.  Anyway, the company who started the test came from Attraction Science.  But I went there and could not find the test at all.  It was called either “Physical Seek Report” or “Physical Attraction Report.”