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Goonday Moonday: Uh-Oh, Sounds Like Somebody’s Got A Case Of The Mondays

[EDIT: Photos have been deleted as requested by the owner of the photos.  Just check out Joe Powell Photography’s SmugMug photo site for the photos.]

I tend to give myself a blog break on Sundays and Mondays.  But it looks like I’m gonna be forced to post something on Mondays, as I seemed to have gotten a case of the Moondays — or in this case, Goonday Moondays.  (Need a refresher on what a goon is?)  Also, I have been lax and inconsiderate in not adding the great Bullneck in my “Bear Blog” links.  So this new regular post is dedicated to the expert of all things “bullgoon”…

Also, if you guys have some clever pun that I can use on Sundays, feel free to drop me a line.  Though part of me is hoping to high heaven that you don’t encourage me.  I’d like to take some break from da bears from time to time…  ^_^

So what’s the best way to start Goonday Moonday?  How about with some unauthorized usage of Gerard Benderoth photographs “borrowed” from Joe Powell Photography’s SmugMug photo site (Strongman Competition page)?  I could just link you guys to Mr. Powell’s photo site, but I just have to have images in every blog post I make.  So enjoy and partake in my evil activity before Gerard Benderoth comes crashing down my door then arrests me for such illegal acts…  Hmm…  On second thought…

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