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Beary Cheesy Flashback ’80s TV Shows

From the mid-’80’s to 1990, there were three specific tv shows that completely appealed to me.  They all shared this common theme: cheesy sci-fi/action premise, a kid with “special” powers, and there is always a cute bear in it…

And more importantly, they all have the greatest opening theme songs ever!

My Secret Identity
Derek McGrath – He represents my love for nerdy chubby bears

Gil Gerard – The bear that I grew up with since Buck Rogers

Out Of This World
Joe Alaskey – Unlike Mr. McGrath, he’s an epitome of the geeky chubby bear

I find it interesting that Gil Gerard and Derek McGrath looked very similar, and even more so with the similar hairstyle.  And when they had gotten older, they still look the same, and still very woofy after all these years.