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80th Annual Academy Awards: Philip Seymour Hoffman Calls In His Winners

Film industry insiders are very sure that No Country For Old Men will win Best Picture.  Not that I disagree with their expertise, but I would only agree with them if There Will Be Blood was not nominated.  As much as I love the Coens (I mean, “Barton Fink,” “Raising Arizona,” “The Big Lebowski,” come on!*), and as much I would love to see them win a Best Picture award, “There Will Be Blood” was just a great and powerful movie.  Everything about that film was just memorable: the Kubrickian-inspired score, haunting cinematography, clinically-perfect direction, and unrivaled acting.  One could argue that “No Country For Old Men” possess the same (minus the score), including the themes of greed, revenge, and evil.  Anyway, I’ll be watching it tonight and will hope against hope that “There Will Be Blood” wins Best Picture.  Why do I care?  It’s just a popularity contest, ain’t it?

Anyway, here’s one of the nominees, Philip Seymour Hoffman, from a disturbing drama/comedy called Happiness.  As an added note, another great film of 2007 was Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead.  Not only was it a good film, but we get to see Mr. Hoffman doing Marisa Tomei, doggie-style.  It then ends with a sex-weary but glowing Hoffman, revealing his wonderful right armpit.  Oh yes, There Will Be Screenshots…


* Not to mention those Coen movies starred the ever woofy John Goodman

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