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Jamal “Gravy” Woolard: “Notorious”

Actor/rapper Jamal Woolard plays Biggie Smalls, aka The Notorious B.I.G., in the upcoming film, Notorious.  Watching the trailers, the casting department did a fantastic job for picking Mr. Woolard for the part.

And, of course, scenes such as these have already sold me even further from buying a movie ticket.

While researching more about Mr. Woolard, I found this little similar shooting incident about him:

According to the New York Post, Gravy arrived to the station with an entourage of 30 people rocking his promotion T-shirts, when gunfire erupted. Gravy was struck with one bullet in the buttocks outside the building, while surrounding people began to scream and run from the scene left. Despite being shot, The Post reported that Gravy was able to calmly walk upstairs and into Hot 97 to do the interview. When police officers arrived to question Gravy, he told them he had fallen. Gravy was listed in stable condition in St. Vincents Hospital. 395 Hudson, where Hot 97 is located, has also been the scene of the infamous shooting that sent Lil’ Kim to jail.

[SOURCE: Vibe.com]