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Ole Anderson: “Who’s Your Daddy?”

Ricky Morton, a victim of bad ’80s haircut, suffers through pain and humiliation from the beefy Ole Anderson.

Not only was Mr. Anderson a brawler and an excellent tactical pro-wrestler, he also excelled in hair grooming and design.

Finally, here’s Ole emphasizing to Ricky that wearing colorful wristbands does not necessarily complement a glam-rock hairstyle.

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Ole Anderson: Sporting A Franz-Josef Beard, Not To Mention A Woofy Build



One of the most distinguishing feature of a “Bear” is the facial hair.  Beards in particular are always sexy on most bearish men.  They are to be admired as oftentimes sporting a beard is an artform in itself.  As I can’t grow a decent moustache to save my life, I had to research the types of beards that are out there.  In particular, I wanted to know what type of beard Joey Oglesby had (from my latest post about him).  Apparently, it is a “Franz-Josef” beard (with a bit of a modification).


EDIT: As an astute Pope had pointed out, Ole Anderson is actually sporting the “Friendly Mutton Chops.”