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[BearPit] Warren Sapp: Team Paso Doble Rehearsal


Didn’t I mention that I LOVE these rehearsals?  Here’s Captain Warren Sapp practicing for their awesome Paso Doble Team Dance…  I literally went nuts when I saw this.  Damn…

warrensapp-teampasodoble-17Deja vu… (from this post)









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Captain Warren Sapp & Team Paso Doble


Thankfully, Warren Sapp‘s low score get balanced out by an almost-perfect score with the Team Dance competition as Team Paso Doble.  (Honestly, this was completely unfair for Lance who had a high score and Cody who had a low score.  The only one who benefited was Warren Sapp as Brooke and Maurice already had high marks.  The one common denominator?  Susan Lucci became the weak link for Team Cha-Cha.)


Anyway, despite my opinion on it, Team Paso Doble rocked the house down.  Warren has truly mastered the Paso Doble and it’s definitely one of his expertise.  But, dammit, Brooke & Derek — AGAIN! — are just freaking amazing.  Just give her the trophy already!  -_^  Come on, Warren!  Make it to the finals.  Make it a “Beauty & The Bear” finale of sorts…









That group interview above was quite “cute.”  Warren Sapp took his job as Captain seriously that he kept going to the forefront (for which Derek “stole”) so that he could be properly interviewed by the lovely Samantha.  Ah, but Mr. Sapp had to respect Derek’s role as the dominating “Alpha Male” of the ballroom dance floor…  Anyway, I just found it unfortunate that Samantha did not read that from Warren as she did not even ask him a single question.  Boo!  ^_^

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Warren Sapp: Channels Morpheus, Dances The Paso Doble In Bullet Time

Aight.  Looks like I’m back.  I really appreciate all the support and feedback.  You have all rejuvenated me (looks like the batteries are all recharged).  And what better way to kick things off with Warren Sapp OWNING the dance floor for his third dance with the Paso Doble in Dancing With The Stars.  3 for 3, so far.  Wishing you the best, Warren and Kym!

It’s truly a wonder to see the amazing chemistry that Warren has with his partner, Kym Johnson.  They’re just truly perfect together on the dance floor…

(higher quality version)

I really like the unique spin that they’ve put in the dance.  I’ve always had a crush on Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus, and Warren Sapp just amped my Matrix fantasies a thousand fold.  Whoa! indeed…

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