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[BearFic] “Interferential” (Peter Appel)


-Peter Appel BearFic-

12:21 pm.  July 3, 1991.

I walk inside Maude’s Coffee Shop.  I find him sitting down and reading a boxing magazine.  His hair’s neatly-combed and parted on the right.  I sit down and introduce myself.


“Well, kid,” he says.  “It’s finally good to meet you.  Name’s Abie.  My associates tell me that you’re the best in the business.”  I look at him, admiring his cherubic face.

He stares at me, wondering what to make of my silence.  “A talker, ain’t ya.  I’m just glad that you’re on my team.”  He reaches out to grab my hand then thanks me.


9:34 pm.  July 5, 1991.

Abie and I are inside a limo with his crew and random whores.  Abie’s left hand has been resting on my left thigh throughout the whole ride.  I am not complaining.


We arrive at a fancy looking restaurant.  I get drunk but I still keep my eyes on Abie.  I make sure that he’s okay.

2:23 pm.  July 7, 1991.

I fuck up.  Badly.  Abie’s brother gets shot and I could have prevented it.  I can’t think.  Headaches been affecting me.


8:45 am.  July 8, 1991. 

Abie stays in my apartment and I tell him not to leave.  He needs to remain focus.  He drinks too much and I tell him to stop.  He does not listen.  My headache stops.  It is a good thing.


“Listen, Abie,” I tell him sternly.  “I just need you to stay calm, okay?  I’ll take care of you.”


11:26 am.  July 9, 1991.

Abie’s a little better.  He does not drink his liquor.  He looks at me.  He smiles.  I thank him for last night.  It’s time for me to leave.


12:21 pm.  July 3, 1991.

I walk inside Maude’s Coffee Shop.  I find him sitting down.  He looks at me and smiles.  His hair is not neatly-combed like before.


He stands up and slowly walks towards me. 

“You need to let me go.  Please.”


A mistake.  A terrible mistake.  “I killed you, Abie,” I whisper.  “I never should have.”

“I can’t do this.  Over and over again.  Who am I this time?  A mob boss?  A broker?  Convict?”

“I killed you.  But I want you.  I can’t let you go.”

“But your mind.  I can see it.  You’re losing it.  How’s the headaches?  Seven days of this can break a man.”

Abie’s right.  I’m selfish.  I can’t change the past.  So I relive it for seven days.  And I do not go through my contract hit.  The contract to kill him.

It’s time for me to end it. 


So I hug Abie…

for the…



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