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Stellan Skarsgård: “Pappa Mia!”

As a gay man, I am predisposed to love — not “like” — ABBA.  It’s in our genetic code.  Even King Edward II loved ABBA.  It’s just fact.

So was I first in line to see the movie version of Mamma Mia!?  Not really.  I actually just saw it tonight with my own “mamma” and sister since their friends have been raving about it (I’d rather watch “The Dark Knight,” but I was out-voted).  I pretty much ignored the film because I’m not really into musicals; I just have a passing fancy towards them (“Chicago” is definitely my all-time fave though).  Anyway, I did not think it was spectacular but I did enjoy watching it.  I think it helps if you actually do like ABBA’s music.

Perfect excuse to include a shirtless photo of Benny Andersson.

But what’s a major bonus is the very presence of the handsome Swedish daddy bear, Stellan Skarsgård.  Even better: he’s shirtless on many scenes.  He even bared his derriere for a brief 3 seconds or so.  That’s right.  I timed it.

It was definitely a fun time watching this flick, but I have to make this one negative comment: my favorite ABBA song is “S.O.S.”  Pierce Brosnan then sang this song as a duet with Meryl Streep.  Mrs. Streep did just fine, but, man, oh freaking man, did Mr. Brosnan just BUTCHERED my favorite ABBA song of all-time.  Not just BUTCHERED but ate its entrails then regurgitated it back out so that he could butcher and eat it again!  Yes.  It was that bad.

Part of me felt like I should be attracted to Pierce Brosnan as he’s the furrier and beefier possible father of the three.  But with Stellan Skarsgård in the mix, it was just no contest.  However, a chubbier Colin Firth was also a major bonus as he was also another pleasant distraction.  And if you watched the film, his character also went into a direction that only a gay person would definitely appreciate…

Anyway, definitely don’t leave during the end credits.  The second musical number was definitely worth waiting for.  Let’s just say this: Stellan Skarsgård + ABBA outfits = sexygaycool.

Anyway, here are some photos of Stellan Skarsgård from The Glass House.  He’s not actually “bearish” as he’s pretty thin (well, to me, anyway) but it is his woofy face that is the dealbreaker and it’s what makes him a “daddy bear.”  He is very handsome and just utterly mesmerizing.