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“Pineapple Express” Bears: Rogen, McBride, Robinson, And Spencer

Am I onboard with this upcoming Seth Rogen flick, Pineapple Express?  Let’s see: husky Seth Rogen as a main star; upcoming woofster Danny McBride is in it; Craig Robinson wears a tanktop; and cute chubby Jonathan Spencer plays a “Scientist” (a bonus).  Hmm…  What do you guys think?  ^_^

Seth Rogen and Danny McBride

Craig Robinson

Jonathan Spencer

EDIT: I’m a deranged perfectionist.  As I lack artistic skills, I try to compensate by making collages.  I’ve posted like 3 variations of that Seth Rogen collage until I finally I got what I wanted from it.  Lol.  I need a different hobby.  😛

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