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Goonday Moonday: Dan Lauria & Michael Roberds In “Alien Trespass”

The trailer for Alien Trespass caught me by surprise as it’s definitely a type of film that I’d be watching on opening day.  And by goodness gracious golly gee, Dan Lauria appears as the cliched skeptical Sheriff.  What better way than to post some Dan Lauria photos as a woofy officer of the law for Goonday Moonday?…




I also want to plug in one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures: The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra.  It just reminded me of Alien Trespass and there is actually a sequel for The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra!: The Lost Skeleton Returns Again.  And you know why I’m plugging this film in?  Well, it’s because there’s a woofy bear in it, that’s why!  If you have seen this film, you have already probably said Brian Howe, and by golly, you are right!  So let me interrupt with a Brian Howe publicity interview from Journeyman.


And now we’re back with more of daddy goon extraordinaire, Dan Lauria…



michael-roberdsMichael Roberds plays “Bubba” in the film;
I first discovered him as Fester from The New Addams Family.


alien-trespass-02I guess this photo is quite spoilerific, but, hey, it’s in the trailer!

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Steve Eastin: My Daddy Bullgoon Fantasy

I’ve always been looking for that perfect time to post something “bullgoon”-ish.  It’s a term that Bullneck has patented and coined and a newly-found word that really brings a new dimension to my fantasies of bigger, bullish, and goonish uniformed bears.

LFBears from YouTube has posted another great video.  This time, it’s a scene from Without A Trace with the extremely woofy Steve Eastin:

And here’s the bullgoonish Mr. Steve Eastin wearing a very bullhot bullguard bullgear from the film Con-Air.  Lol.  Overkill…


[BearBeat] Bad Criminal Chub Gets Caught And Beaten Up By Midget Policemen

Well, all in good fun actually.  This is a promo for SpikeTV’s “World’s Wildest Police Videos.”  It’s inspired from the classic era of comedies of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.  I know that there are about 2 variations of this promo where the “bad criminal chub” rips off his shirt then gets arrested while his belly gets pounded on with foam nightsticks by midget policemen.

Either way, this is extremely hot and sexy to me: hot, studly chub ripping off shirt, revealing a body that was written on by some lucky person, while he gets caught by small police officers, leaving his arms “seemingly” tied and bound while the sound of fake nightsticks pound incessantly on his wide and sexy chubby body…

EDIT: Had some issues with the original video.  Hope this works.

Lol.  Hey, what can I say.  Just as Nirvana once said, come as you are…  ^_^

BearBeat Score:
5 out of 5 Pawnches