Steve Eastin: My Daddy Bullgoon Fantasy

I’ve always been looking for that perfect time to post something “bullgoon”-ish.  It’s a term that Bullneck has patented and coined and a newly-found word that really brings a new dimension to my fantasies of bigger, bullish, and goonish uniformed bears.

LFBears from YouTube has posted another great video.  This time, it’s a scene from Without A Trace with the extremely woofy Steve Eastin:

And here’s the bullgoonish Mr. Steve Eastin wearing a very bullhot bullguard bullgear from the film Con-Air.  Lol.  Overkill…


7 thoughts on “Steve Eastin: My Daddy Bullgoon Fantasy”

  1. The most hottest guard in cinema! Lying in his strong arms, snuggeling to his beefy body and relax hin in every way he wants! Sexy-as-hell-guy!

  2. Steve Eastin gets me just as horny as Bob Goeckermann does. Accept Bob’s gay so I have more chances of servicing his cock then Steve.

  3. Steve Eastin – Guard Falzon – was my favourite character at CON AIR, and one of the most guy! The uniform fitted perfectly to his beary body! Wanna be hold in his strong arms at his strong breast! A dream, but a nice one!

  4. So I’m watching an old episode of Wonder Woman from the 70’s and there’s this incredibly hot actor that keeps catching my eye. I wait to watch the end credits and see his name is Steve Eastin. I google it and find this page. I had no idea who this guy was or that he’d been working all these years. His imdb page is really long and as it turns out the WW episode was one of his first tv gigs. If you guys think Steve was hot in Con Air check out Season Two of Wonder Woman the episode titled I Do, I Do. There’s a great chest hair shot where he’s wearing overalls with no shirt underneath AND he plays —- wait for it —– A GOON! Too perfect.

  5. Damn! I didn’t know there’s a subset of bears called bullgoons. They have exactly that type of strongman physique that I lust for in men. Steve Eastin is one hot daddy. Thanks to LFBears I was able to download that video before he was taken down by YouTube. And thanks to you Will, that I found Bullneck’s livejournal on bullgoons. I got all hot and bothered when I saw this…

  6. Hehe, naw, it’s not trademarked; if it was I’d have to send a squad of suited bullgoons to shake you down for royalty payments :-p

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