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More Drunken Brazilian Goodness

It’s Friday so you guys and gals go out and have fun.  Here’s a couple of videos of a very handsome Brazilian bear in all of his drunken and shirtless glory.  The whole series can be found on Lachilindo’s YouTube Page.

And for more Portuguese-slurring action, check out Sunday Afternoon Fun, Brazilian Style.

Sunday Afternoon Fun, Brazilian Style

I got a couple of emails written in Portuguese, so I’m making an educated guess that the following videos are either from Portugal or Brazil.  Unfortunately, the videos do not provide enough clues as to where they are from, so I’m going with Brazil.  🙂

Anyway, here’s a cute chubby bear performing some acrobatic skills for his friends’ entertainment, and to our little girl hearts’ delight…

(higher quality version)

(higher quality version)

For some reason, being a Sunday, this was the song that entered my head while watching the above videos.  It’s a Jon LaJoie music video: “Sunday Afternoon.”  It’s definitely a song that relates to someone like me.  -_^ (*cue big “L” on the forehead emoticon*)

(higher quality version)