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Joey Oglesby Sports A Prison Guard Uniform In “Prison Break”

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 005

Prison Break (definitely one of my all-time favorite TV shows) has officially ended a few weeks ago.  There were two episodes that were not released, but repackaged as a full-length film that filled in the blanks to the show’s surprisingly downer (yet, uplifting in a way) ending.  You can check it out on DVD and it’s called Prison Break: The Final Break.  I appreciated how they did this as it did not overwhelm the fans with more prison break absurdities to the point of self-parody.

More importantly, and to my pleasant surprise, Joey Oglesby was in it as well.  Unlike his tacky clothing from Private Practice, he gets to don a prison guard uniform.  Yowza!

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 002

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 004

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 011

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 013

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 018

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 019

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 021

Speaking of Prison Break parodies, here’s a Simpsons version…

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Amaury Nolasco: “Max Payne” Villain

I’ve talked about Prison Break and how it’s one of my favorite shows on television today.  There’s a handful of other bearish actors on the show, but there’s one in particular who’s not really my type: Amaury Nolasco.  However, there’s just that something about him that I find attractive.  Perhaps it’s his exotic looks and Indian wrestler-like physique that would grab my attention.

Anyway, as I tend to also love “bearish bad guys” in films and especially pro-wrestling, I took even more notice when I saw Mr. Nolasco in the trailer for Max Payne (which premieres today in the U.S.).  The following screenshots from the trailer will show you why I paid some attention…

The following screenshots are from a recent episode of Season 4 of Prison Break.  Sucre (Amaury’s character) was being unwillingly used as “gay bait” for the elderly man.  But, of course, in true Prison Break fashion, this somewhat homophobic scene ends up with a twist…

And now for something completely different, yet related; here’s a hilarious Saturday Night Live comedy sketch where Adam Samberg perfectly imitates the Max Payne star: Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals.

(If any of you guys have seen The Happening — um, I’m sorry? — then this comedy skit gets even better.)

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1675373&w=425&h=350&fv=deepLinkID%3D727504%26overridevideoControls%3Dcontrols%2Fcontrols_nbc_gray.swf%26overrideRandom%3D137069770111%26overridevolume%3D50%26passAlong_baseLocation%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fvideo.nbc.com%2Fembed%2Fplayer_3-x%2F%26playerID%3Dscet_main_videoPlayer%26passAlong_configID%3D16005%26autoStartOnEmbed%3Dnull]

Shirtless Saturday: Lester Speight in “Norbit”

I remember rushing to see Norbit in theaters (my apologies to the elderly lady walking down Tropicana St. — someone should show her the proper way to handle a cane) just so I could see a shirtless Lester Speight (aka Reebok’s Terry Tate) as promised by the trailer.  Unfortunately, his 10-seconds shirtless scene in the trailer was the exact 10-seconds shirtless scene I saw in the movie.  And being a glutton for punishment, I then bought the DVD so I could own that 10-seconds shirtless scene.

Lo and behold, I found more clips of a shirtless Lester Speight in the DVD’s “Deleted Scenes”!  Huzzah!  Here are some screenshots of this massive musclebear who is undoubtedly bulging with primo muscles…

(Unfortunately, his Official Site appears to be down.  Hopefully, it is just temporary.)

Here’s a classic viral video of Lester Speight’s alter-ego, Terrible Terry Tate, on vacation.  The money shots are at 0:40 and 1:46; and if you have amazing vision, a quickie fourth of a second right at 0:50.  Lol.

(higher quality version)

[FUN FACT: Wade Williams as Officer-turned-prisoner Bellick beat the living daylights out of Lester Speight’s character in Season 1 of Prison Break.  Thank you to The Origami Crane for the stills.]

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Wade Williams: Bellick Loves The Isuzu Vehicross

Here is Wade Williams as Officer — correction — ex-Officer and fugitive Brad Bellick in a commercial for the Isuzu Vehicross…

(higher quality version)

I have to admit, besides Heroes, Prison Break is one of my favorite television shows right now.  Yes, they’re really stretching the concept, the scenarios they get in to are pretty much outlandish and almost unbelievable, and the coincidences and questionable motives of the characters are pretty much worthy of viewer hatred.

So why do I love it?  I’ll break it down to these (coupled with random screenshots of Brad Bellick revealing his lovely chest hair in Season 4, Episode 6).

1. Spectacular acting all around.  There is not a single character who I do/did not like.  I also love the surreal dialogue they would sometimes have.  Sometimes, I swear that the dialogue was written by the creator of Dawson’s Creek.  And that’s not a bad thing.

2. The whole series is like watching a point-and-click adventure game.  Being a fan of such interactive fiction, Prison Break is a dream come true.  Use a piece of oil-dipped comb, ballpoint ink, and sulfur to create a mini-bomb, thereby causing a distraction for the guards at precisely 4:32 pm!  (I just made that one up.)

3. It’s a perfect show for those who feel that the world is just out to get them.  Sometimes, my life is a series of seemingly endless stress, heartaches, and frustrations.  This show is a perfect outlet to relieve my personal tensions and sadness; as I sometimes feel that I always seem to have the worst of luck.

I have yet to get Season 3 on DVD as it’s the season where Officer Bellick got stripped to his underwear.  Unfortunately, he was pretty beat up in most of those scenes so they’re not really “pleasant” images to look at.  Anyway, in the final episode of Season 2, we saw a glimpse of Bellick in such an unfortunate predicament in that dreadful Panamanian prison called Sona…

The following paragraph must be read out loud (yet quietly) in Michael Scofield’s voice…

This following paragraph is utterly random, yet not.  The recent screenshots above show a local television’s watermark of “FOX41 WDRB.”  While perusing the local news website of WDRB, I have uncovered a local weatherman who used to work for The Weather Channel.  His name is Paul Emmick.  If you notice, the last 3 letters of his name are “I,” “C,” and “K.”  Wade Williams’ character’s last name is “Bellick” which also ends in “I,” “C,” and “K.”  By staring at all three letters, I have decrypted The Company’s code.  We now know the exact location of the last and final piece of Scylla!

*cue Prison Break’s heartpounding tun-tun-tun! then cut to commercial*

Seriously though, Paul Emmick has one of the most mesmerizing voices ever.  I can listen to him talk about the lack of humidity in Vegas and actually be enthralled.

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