Amaury Nolasco: “Max Payne” Villain

I’ve talked about Prison Break and how it’s one of my favorite shows on television today.  There’s a handful of other bearish actors on the show, but there’s one in particular who’s not really my type: Amaury Nolasco.  However, there’s just that something about him that I find attractive.  Perhaps it’s his exotic looks and Indian wrestler-like physique that would grab my attention.

Anyway, as I tend to also love “bearish bad guys” in films and especially pro-wrestling, I took even more notice when I saw Mr. Nolasco in the trailer for Max Payne (which premieres today in the U.S.).  The following screenshots from the trailer will show you why I paid some attention…

The following screenshots are from a recent episode of Season 4 of Prison Break.  Sucre (Amaury’s character) was being unwillingly used as “gay bait” for the elderly man.  But, of course, in true Prison Break fashion, this somewhat homophobic scene ends up with a twist…

And now for something completely different, yet related; here’s a hilarious Saturday Night Live comedy sketch where Adam Samberg perfectly imitates the Max Payne star: Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals.

(If any of you guys have seen The Happening — um, I’m sorry? — then this comedy skit gets even better.)

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3 thoughts on “Amaury Nolasco: “Max Payne” Villain”

  1. I’ve played the first game, but that was from a long time ago. I can’t believe I forgot about what Jack Lupino looked like! The only bearish character I do remember is Rico Muerte. Also, another thing I would remember was that my PC would load for 1 hour after each chapter!

    But thank you for reminding me about the original Jack Lupino!

  2. Have you played the first Max Payne?

    If you have, you’d know that the character that Amaury plays is actually a chub/muscle bear. Unfortunately, the director (who is a chubby bear) didn’t take that route 🙁

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