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Colossal Savings From Colossal Clothing

Hey guys (sorry gals), if you’re tall, big, and/or muscular (and if you are any of that, I am quite frankly jealous) head on over to Chubarama for BIG News from Colossal Clothing.

Basically, just for being a Chubarama reader, you get immediate 20% savings if you use the discount code “Chubarama” when checking out your order(s).  Sounds pretty sweet.  I checked out the clothing line myself and as an admirer/chaser, I give the company’s catalog a thumbs up.  You big guys will definitely look great with these apparels.

They also have cute models in them.  Furthermore, I love what they said here:

Colossal isn’t straight or gay, black or white, big or tall. We’re cool with everyone, and think everyone should have the opportunity to be cool.

Gotta support a company with that type of philosophy!