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Raul Malo: Not Just A Crooner Of The Heart, But Also Of The Mind


I <3 Raul Malo…

Obama, Obama…
February 26th, 2008

Well here goes…I don’t know if this will help or not, (I know it won’t hurt, besides I have way too much time on my hands) so here goes…I want everyone to know that I am supporting Barack Obama. I have, as I do every election, followed these candidates and their campaigns and listened intently to what they have to say. Even though I lean towards the democratic side, I tried to sit through a Mike Huckabee speech without wanting to mutilate myself or anyone standing around me. (Enough about the question of evolution…can we please get our heads out of our asses and teach empirical scientific data to our children so that they may grow up to be scientists and engineers and maybe, just maybe, make a considerable contribution to the development of our species?) How can the President of the United States (aka leader of the free world) be taken seriously if he does not support the teaching of evolution in school. I went to catholic school all my life. And we were taught evolution in school in science class…then religion taught us about the bible. And yes it was ok to have two opposing thoughts in your head at once. Eventually you would come to resolve this inner conflict created by your enlightened education in that phase of our life we like to refer to as “Adulthood”. Sorry about my rant here…I’m just really tired of these “right-wing, holier than thou, Bible-thumpers”.

I guess I said all that to let you know that there would be no way I would support a republican (or at least none from this class). Mitt Romney? Please…anybody who spends 40 million dollars to get a job should be investigated, interrogated, and finally put in a room with no corners and never allowed to interact with humans again. The presidency of this country should not be for sale. Period. Mccain…I know he’s a war veteran, and for a republican, he’s not the most conservative of the lot. But I’m afraid with him we would get more of the same except with someone that can actually finish a sentence.

Which leads us to the democrats…here’s a thought that a very excited (first-time voting) eighteen year old pointed out to me the other day…in her life she has only known of a “Clinton” or a “Bush” in the White House. Guess what? That is not good for business as we now see…think NAFTA and the deregulation of the FCC. Hillary was there when her husband signed these papers ensuring that what we see and hear is controlled by a select few. So, I’m not one of those liberals that thinks Bill walks on water. Quite the contrary, I think he wronged us in many ways. And as far as Hillary is concerned, where she lost me is in her support of the Iraq war. When the president’s approval ratings were at an all time high, and the country had been sold on this war, she stood right next to the president to ensure that her place in history was preserved. And I’m sure that her advisors told her that they could overcome any “backlash” from this and basically blame it on the republicans (which they have). Through it all, but especially when it was not popular to do so, Barack Obama opposed this war. And to me, by virtue of that alone he deserves my vote. Imagine that…a politician putting personal gain aside for what is right (What a concept!)

I also don’t buy that “lack of experience” nonsense. First, there is no way to gain experience for the presidency of the United States other than doing it. Also, what experience did George W. have exactly? He was a failed student, soldier, oil executive, baseball executive, governor, and finally president of this great land. And look what he has turned us into and how we are viewed by the rest of the world. And I know that there are those who will still say stuff like “we’re America, we’re the best…blah, blah…” well guess what…we are no longer number one at anything, except consuming and polluting. We need real change in this country. I know that I may seem naive here thinking that Barack can do it (I’m actually more casually optimistic). But even if there is just a glimmer of hope then it is a step in the right direction.

all the best,

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I’ve got this feeling that America will vote for the candidate that we desperately need…

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Raul Malo: Heavenly Voice Of A Crooning Bear

Raul Malo has a voice that will make any straight man gay.  Mr. Malo used to be in a country group, The Mavericks, and since then he has evolved into mixing various genres of music.  My favorite album of theirs was called Trampoline, which had caught many of his fans off-guard due to its unconventional and eclectic mixture of latin, pop, gospel — you name it, it was there.  It was also The Mavericks’ final album as Raul went solo as he continued to explore blending musical genres.  Other than that, he possesses a voice that can make a gay man straight.


Here are a couple of YouTube videos of the multi-talented Raul Malo…

“I Said I Love You”
The only video I know of that was released from his very first solo album, “Today.”

Man, listening to this man’s voice is just beautiful and haunting.

Moon River
Wow!  This is the very first time I’ve seen him with a shaven head.  Me like it!