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Not Quite Sure What’s Going On With All The Violence On Display, But, Damn, That Big Bear In His Underwear Sure Is Woofy

I’ve always wanted to post the longest title I could think of.

This is a recent screenshot from Saints Row 2, a game which I’m pretty excited about as I’m a sucker for open-world, crime-simulated gameplay (such as games like Grand Theft Auto IV).  And, yes, Roman Bellic, is still one of the hottest video game bears, in my opinion.

Anyway, this particular character from Saints Row 2 is a musclebear who’s distracting me from voting Roman as the pixellated hotness of 2008.

Damn.  Anyway, you can download the above artwork in wallpaper form here.

Roman Bellic: Grand Theft Auto IV


Ah, yes, once Grand Theft Auto IV comes out on April 29, I will disappear from this world.  I might also get fired from work.  Lol.  I just love this game and I literally have a sick addiction with the whole GTA III Series (and, yes, I have a pimped out shirtless fat CJ running around Los Santos in GTA III: San Andreas).

So, I basically do whatever compulsive-obsessive video game-addicted man-child would do: read and watch everything I could on Rockstar’s highly-anticipated game of the year.  Really, the only improvement I want to see is better weapons handling (if it’s like “Gears Of War” then that would be just awesome).

Anyway, somebody call me a therapist because I am attracted to Nico Bellic’s cousin, Roman Bellic.  He just looks like a fun character who I know I’m going to fall in love with.