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[BearPit] Shackles, Armpits, And James Gandolfini

Romance & Cigarettes is an odd film. It’s a compliment, I guess, but you just have to see it to believe it. It’s definitely a film that will achieve a cult-like status…

Anyway, there is one scene in particular that just screamed Bear Bondage. Let me explain the following scene. James imagines himself as the biblical Samson who is captured and blinded by the Philistines (played by his wife and daughters). As his hair has gotten longer (after being cut off by the treacherous Delilah), he is in the temple of the Philistines, shackled for their entertainment. James/Samson (who is still bald, but he does have a bandana on) prays to God to give him strength so that he may “die with the Philistines!”

What made the scene really quirky and downright ridiculous was that this happened in their backyard’s playground swingset. L. O. L.


But, hey, we get to see the ever woofy James Gandolfini all shackled up and proudly displaying his manly physique for all of us to admire.


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