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Scott D’Amore: Canada’s Stocky & Beefy Wrestler

Canadian wrestler/manager/promoter, Scott D’Amore [MySpace Page], is one of the finest specimens of a husky bear that my eyes have had the pleasure to ogle at.  It appears that he’s not wrestling as much but more involved with the behind-the-scenes business aspects of pro-wrestling.  Here are just some photos that I have collected from TNA Wrestling’s website (they’re not there anymore as they have removed Mr. D’Amore from the roster).

This first set just shows how intensely “stocky” Scott D’Amore is…

While this following set shows just how unbelievably “beefy” he truly is…

Here are some of his videos on YouTube (he has some older matches as a jobber at WWF).  The first video shows him expertly selling his arrogance and cocky demeanor.  The second video is somewhat of a letdown as the buildup to the match with pro-wrestling legend, Dory Funk, Jr., ended as one of the shortest match in pro-wrestling history.  However, it is his reaction after his loss that is definitely worth watching.  It’s completely priceless and downright cute.  Yes.  Cute.  Trust me on this…  -_^

(higher quality version)

(higher quality version)