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Leon White: aka Big Van Vader

I still can’t believe that I missed out in the mid-80’s pre-Vader action of Leon White, aka Bull Power.  The very first time I stumbled upon him was when he was wrestling in Japan and he was mostly wearing a mask.  I still remember watching this Japanese channel in Hawaii and I barely understood what was being said.  But all I cared about was seeing this massive behemoth wrestle in all his beefy glory.  [Just for the Hawaiians out there: “Oceanic Cable, we are, Oceanic Cable…”]  ^_^

Here’s a two-parter of Leon White against the equally woofy daddy cowboy bear, Stan Hansen (check out SDW Media’s Stan Hansen’s DVD, which is part of the awesome “Southern Legends” Collection)…

And I just discovered that I forgot about the scan I did of Vader from the back cover of my WCW magazine.  Thank goodness for my slow-@$$ and oftentimes inaccurate Windows Vista search bar…

And keeping with the theme of our big man Vader flexing his bulky guns, here’s an old collage I made of this beefy monster…

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Ron Simmons: On Doom, Tag Teams, & The Sex Comparison

Here’s a great shoot interview with Mr. Ron Simmons.  In particular, these were my favorite bits:

Ron flexes both of his massive chest underneath that shirt.

About wrestling the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express
Aw, man, love ’em.  Aw, I used to love working with them.  It was the best to work with Ricky and Robert.  For one thing, youse got these good-looking white guys, right?  These two big black guys, right here, that are gonna beat up on these good-looking white guys.  You should see the look on some of the people’s faces around the ring.  And then they love them and watch them cry.  You know what I mean, and, actually get into that, and want to kill you for what you were doing.  It was, it was in a way, it was like, hey, they’re having sex to watch it, okay?  When you’re out there working with them  Love em.  Love every minute.  I would have worked with them every night if I could.

The above video is a match between Ron Simmons and Tommy Angel.  Ron completely dominated the match (which is a wrestling match I don’t tend to get interested in, as I tend to prefer seeing big guys get dominated).  Anyway, the only reason I chose that match is to compare his excited response about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express from the previous video to this uneven match against a smaller wrestler.

So it comes full circle.  I found Mr. Simmons’ shoot interview — and especially the “sex” comparison — to be inherently erotic and arousing.  -_^

Make sure to also check out SDW Media’s Tag Teams DVDs which include Doom (Butch Reed/Ron Simmons).

Bruiser Bedlam: Pro Wrestling Sadistic Monster Heel

SDW Media has just posted an awesome photo/video collage of Bruiser Bedlam.  Leave it to SDW Media to be one — if not, the only one — provider of this WAY WOOFY pro-wrestling monster heel.

Definitely check out the rest of SDW Media’s video collection.  WOOF!

Big Naked Bubba Bear, Prison Shower, & Soap

Sam from SDW Media sent me this awesome commercial.  I have no idea who that big bubba of a chubby bear is, but all I do know is that he is smoking hot.  And who wouldn’t want to be that skinny dude?

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[SubBearSive] Happy Bear-ster Egg Hunting

Look at this first… then look at the next picture:

Big “Thank You!” to Sam for sharing this in Brotherhood of Bears.
Sam is the owner of the amazing SDW Media.

Let’s see: Woofy bald musclebear.  Bondage.  Wearing just briefs.  Mythic anthropomorphic artistic bad bunnies painting on musclebear’s “eggs.”

Wow.  Now that’s an Easter celebration I could boogie down with…  And to continue my SubBearSive Happy Easter greetings, here are some more egg hunting festivities…  😉

That Referee sure does have a nice view of things…


Early design concepts for the Vibrator

Vegan Popeye finally realized that sausages provide better
sources of nutrition than spinach.

Warren Sapp loves the football…

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SDW Media: The Only Place For Fans Of Pro-Wrestling & Bearish Wrestlers

Let’s see: Ginormous monster heels,
beefy and barrel-chested he-men,
short and stocky musclebears…
Um, more please?

I am a big fan of pro-wrestling.  No surprise there, I bet.  Specifically, I love old-school pro-wrestling where it involves massive, big, muscular, husky, chubby, bearish men who are practically nude with their wrestling singlets.  I have always enjoyed watching these behemoth warriors do what they do best in the squared circle…

Well, SDW Media, was my source for that obsession.  That company’s owner has always been very friendly and reliable with my orders.  I used to be his customer back when he used to provide these valuable archives on eBay.  He was not selling them on DVD at the time, so I would highly recommend you guys in checking out his DVDs.  My VHS tapes were in great condition, but you can never go wrong with the DVD format…

(As a note, if you’re thinking of getting VHS instead of DVD, the company’s only selling them in NTSC format and not PAL.  DVDs, on the other hand, will play in any region.  So go with DVDs!)

By the way, check out my “tags” at the bottom of this post.  Specifically the names of such classic bearish pro-wrestlers.  I wrote them all down just by staring at the collage I’ve made from SDW Media’s screenshots of their videos.  And I did it all through my memory alone. Impressive? Lol. Yeah, I’m smug and proud about my encyclopedic knowledge of massive and husky pro-wrestlers.  Still, some of you guys probably know a lot more that I do though. ^_^

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