Big Naked Bubba Bear, Prison Shower, & Soap

Sam from SDW Media sent me this awesome commercial.  I have no idea who that big bubba of a chubby bear is, but all I do know is that he is smoking hot.  And who wouldn’t want to be that skinny dude?

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4 thoughts on “Big Naked Bubba Bear, Prison Shower, & Soap”

  1. Well, that Poplawski dude in Pittsburgh feared
    living in a dis-armed society led by a black
    president. Ironic, considering that
    he is going to be a young, white dude in a
    VERY dis-armed society (unless you count
    shanks made from tootbrushes,ect.) full of
    big, amorous black dudes.
    I wonder what he’s thinking right now..?

  2. Sorry about your post. WordPress thought it was spam for some reason… But, thank you for such detailed info on him. I’m just bummed that I missed out on his official site.

  3. This super hot chub bear is BigJimmy an italian tv actor who played in some silly movies who sometimes shows up in commercials and more recently as security guard in famous italian shows. I think he originally started as body guard or security staff in disco clubs and also played boxing with limited success. He is married and used to have a website which looks now inactive

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