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Will Sasso: Semi-Shirtless In “Entourage”

Will Sasso - Entourage 01

abearjunkie from Tumblr dropped this huge bit of info about Will Sasso being shirtless in Season 3, Episode 14 of Entourage.  Anyway, he’s not fully shirtless but it’s possibly the closest we can see the handsome Will Sasso showing a bit more skin.  However, I’ve been tracking National Lampoon’s The Legend Of Awesomest Maximus (which appears to be another swords & sandals spoof, such as 300, Gladiator, and Troy) because Will Sasso plays the lead!  Please, National Lampoon, do well on your spoofing promise by making Will Sasso wear less costume as possible…

So here’s that quick scene of Mr. Sasso chilling in the pool…

Will Sasso - Entourage 02

Will Sasso - Entourage 04

Will Sasso - Entourage 05

Faizon Love Uses His Body For Distraction, A Failed Attempt For Chubby Lovers Everywhere

Faizon Love poker

My good friend and possible doppleganger, D.T., just uploaded this video that I have been searching for high and low everywhere on the internets.  During the final episode of Black Poker Stars Invitational, Miguel Nunez concentrates with his hand while Faizon Love finds another opportunity to go shirtless (well, semi-shirtless).

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