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[BearFic] “Lonely London” (Ray Winstone)


Lonely London
-Ray Winstone BearFic-

London woke up.  Alone.  As usual.  Two-hundred pounds was the deal, but the cunt also took his wallet.  That’s alright.  She’d be in for a real surprise to find Noptiz on his driver’s license.  That bugger loved brunettes.  Pity, London thought.  Her face was pretty.


Three  centuries.  That’s what he’d be.  Three hundred fucking years old.  It’s funny how it did not feel like he was a walking corpse, how he was the reincarnation of the thrice-defeated Rafael from that forgotten war.  Also funny was how he had survived through the waves of minions of the so-called great Lucifer’s Great Army.  He was reborn to be a Soul Eater, but London would rather drink and fuck anyone he sees.

Last night was a close call.  Mephistopheles had summoned a Shifter in the mold of a handsome cab driver.  He should have read the signs.  But London was careless and all he could think about was the big man’s mouth around his throbbing cock.  The cabbie had transformed into a ferocious bear but London was able to suppress the beast by tearing his teeth on its massive neck.

London took a shower when it hit him.  He did not know what it was.  Was he turning human?  It was a feeling that he could not comprehend.


Through the years of battles and hate, this was the moment he did not expect nor want.  Weakness will befall him and lead him back to Hades’ realm.  He needed a way to prevent this.


His wallet had returned on the coffee table.  Noptiz did not make a grand presentation.  He just seemed to know when not to irritate his wingless master.

London suddenly remembered this beautiful name: Peter.  A name from two hundred and thirty-three years ago.  London did not know love but he was sure that he had fallen in love with him as Peter did things to London that had frightened him.  And that was what caused him to leave him.  London had decided to visit Peter in his Palace only to find him slained and butchered in his Royal Prince’s pool.  London had dove in, only to resucitate a dead man.  Peter was soulless and craved for nothing more but meat so London had no other choice but to kill him again.


That’s what it was.  Happiness.  He felt joy whenever he was with Peter.  How he had felt safe in his big arms and how he actually felt what love was.  Why now?  Why feel this?  Noptiz peeked out from London’s wallet and watched the Wingless One, curled up on the bed like a lost and lonely babe.


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Ray Winstone: aka My Number One Bear

Ah, Mr. Ray Winstone. He’s quite possibly my number one bear. It used to be James Gandolfini. Richard Karn before him. Then John Goodman. <sighs>

Anyway, I often wonder why I was so attracted to him. He’s not the typical bear I tend to get attracted to. What is it about him? His sexy voice? His oh-just-so-perfect gut? His penetrating eyes? His overwhelmingly husky and masculine face? His seeming cocky demeanor? (I love that in a bear!) Come to think of it, I guess I have illuminated my own ruminations.

The following is a collage from quite possibly the best movie evar!!11!!1! Sorry. It’s from a wonderful movie called Sexy Beast. Mr. Winstone’s actual physique should have been motion-captured in Beowulf (I’d take a well-rounded belly over a 6 pack abs) — or at least when Beowulf got older in the film.

Ray Winstone (aka My Number One Bear)

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