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Andrés du Bouchet: Hilarious, Handsome, GENIOUS!

Içimdeki Ayi just posted a funny video by a gorgeous comedian by the name of Andrés du Bouchet.  It’s titled, “Make It Naked!”:

I then just watched most of his videos and I have to say that he is a GENIOUS! (yes, with an “o” and an “!”).  I love his off-kilter humor and utterly hypnotic masculine booming voice.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

Andres Du Bouchet Answers Rock’s Rhetorical Questions

Worst Poker Faces (ever)

Wig Cuts

This last video is the very reason why I believe that Mr. du Bouchet is a freaking GENIOUS!  This is just brilliant.  Just brilliant.  Bravo, sir.

Twilight Huntress