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Shirtless Saturday: Jacob duRandt-Ahlstrom or Dávid János, Either Way, I Don’t Care Who You Are


Hey, being gay allows me to quote sugary pop bands, such as the Backstreet Boys (and whether you admit to it or not, their songs make for great karaoke).  Anyway, on today’s Shirtless Saturday, we have this beefy pro-wrestler from Canada (based on his MySpace bio) who goes by the name of Jacob duRandt-Ahlstrom; however, he also goes by the name of Dávid János when competing in strongman competitions (check out such photos here).  So, I’m not pretty sure what his real name is, but all I can say is that he is one heck of a stunning musclebear.  I initially found the following two shirtless photos from the currently-on-hiatus blog, thickslab.com (1st post; 2nd post).



Wild Cherry Pepsi Commercial: Just Another Ad Where Fat Dudes Are Laughed At

Got these screenshots when AdCritic wasn’t part of a subscription-based site
back in 2001.

Ridicule all you want, bear/chub/fat/big/large/hairy-hating-folks.  Keep doing it just as long I get to see these type of awesome softcore porn in the form of commercials…