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Jim Greenleaf: “TAG: The Assassination Game”

Jim Greenleaf - TAG

I’ve posted a collage of Jim Greenleaf before in this post: [BearWTF?] BearMythology Tags Explained By Jim Greenleaf.  Anyway, as I’ve been going through my boxes of old VHS tapes to transfer them to DVD, I found Jim Greenleaf’s scene in a movie that I watched countless times on HBO: TAG: The Assassination Game.

Anyway, you’ll notice that there’s a few “VCR fast-forwarding” motions in this video and it’s probably because I was copying the scene from a rented VHS tape or probably from a copied video from HBO or something.  As you can see, I just want the good parts — shirtless scenes are just icing on the cake.

To this day, I have memorized all of Mr. Greenleaf’s lines in this scene.  My favorite is

You’re weird, Gersh.  I won.  You lost.  Somebody’s gotta lose.  So scram.  Take it on the lam.  I’m the champ.  HA-HAA!”

Quite possibly that adorable “HA-HAA!” is my favorite part.  Love the cockiness of it.

Check out more screenshots of this film in the bearmythology Flickr Photostream.