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The Barbarian & The Big Bossman

The Barbarian (Sione Vailahi) and The Big Bossman (Ray Traylor) are two archetypal bearish wrestling personalities (muscular & beefy musclebear and hefty & chubby bear) who completely personify the very reason why I love to watch pro-wrestling.

And then, sometimes, I think that I love to watch pro-wrestling because of touching moments such as these…

“Hey, Big Bossman, I love your cologne.”
“Barbarian, you have got to tell me what body lotion’s you’ve been using!”

“Bossman, I see you’ve been hitting the gym!  Nice, tight buns!”

“Barbarian, you can do it.  You can stretch further than this…  In fact, I know.”
“L.  O.  L.”

“Looks like someone’s been shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch!  Nice!”

“Abercrombie?  Puh-lease.  I buy these puppies at Target.”

SDW Media: The Only Place For Fans Of Pro-Wrestling & Bearish Wrestlers

Let’s see: Ginormous monster heels,
beefy and barrel-chested he-men,
short and stocky musclebears…
Um, more please?

I am a big fan of pro-wrestling.  No surprise there, I bet.  Specifically, I love old-school pro-wrestling where it involves massive, big, muscular, husky, chubby, bearish men who are practically nude with their wrestling singlets.  I have always enjoyed watching these behemoth warriors do what they do best in the squared circle…

Well, SDW Media, was my source for that obsession.  That company’s owner has always been very friendly and reliable with my orders.  I used to be his customer back when he used to provide these valuable archives on eBay.  He was not selling them on DVD at the time, so I would highly recommend you guys in checking out his DVDs.  My VHS tapes were in great condition, but you can never go wrong with the DVD format…

(As a note, if you’re thinking of getting VHS instead of DVD, the company’s only selling them in NTSC format and not PAL.  DVDs, on the other hand, will play in any region.  So go with DVDs!)

By the way, check out my “tags” at the bottom of this post.  Specifically the names of such classic bearish pro-wrestlers.  I wrote them all down just by staring at the collage I’ve made from SDW Media’s screenshots of their videos.  And I did it all through my memory alone. Impressive? Lol. Yeah, I’m smug and proud about my encyclopedic knowledge of massive and husky pro-wrestlers.  Still, some of you guys probably know a lot more that I do though. ^_^

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