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Brian Dennehy: “The Belly Of An Architect”

The Belly of an Architect is my favorite Brian Dennehy film.  There is something attractive and even sensual about seeing a self-destructive bear — on fictional situations that is.  It may have something to do with my light bondage fetishes (like gut punching).  Still, I remember always fantasizing about Brian Dennehy typically being dominated by either smaller men and/or women.  Mr. Dennehy would then endure the humiliation and pain from these jerks.  ^_^  (As a sidenote, The Check Is In The Mail is my second favorite Brian Dennehy film simply because he was beyond cute and handsome in it.  His Bear Factor Meter was off-the-hook in that one.)

Still, with that in mind, this movie completely fed off that fetish of mine.  Brian’s Kracklite character is a victim of a hedonistic Rome who did not want anything to do with his French architect idol/god, Bouleé.  And from there, his life falls apart, his mind careening deeper into madness, and his body deteriorates by either a real or imagined disease.  It’s a fantastic movie, but definitely it’s a downer of an experience.  However, Mr. Dennehy gave such a fine performance (and a lot of woofy shirtless scenes) that it’s all worth the watch.

LFBears from YouTube is on a roll.  He has posted a scene from this wonderful movie…