Brian Dennehy: “The Belly Of An Architect”

The Belly of an Architect is my favorite Brian Dennehy film.  There is something attractive and even sensual about seeing a self-destructive bear — on fictional situations that is.  It may have something to do with my light bondage fetishes (like gut punching).  Still, I remember always fantasizing about Brian Dennehy typically being dominated by either smaller men and/or women.  Mr. Dennehy would then endure the humiliation and pain from these jerks.  ^_^  (As a sidenote, The Check Is In The Mail is my second favorite Brian Dennehy film simply because he was beyond cute and handsome in it.  His Bear Factor Meter was off-the-hook in that one.)

Still, with that in mind, this movie completely fed off that fetish of mine.  Brian’s Kracklite character is a victim of a hedonistic Rome who did not want anything to do with his French architect idol/god, Bouleé.  And from there, his life falls apart, his mind careening deeper into madness, and his body deteriorates by either a real or imagined disease.  It’s a fantastic movie, but definitely it’s a downer of an experience.  However, Mr. Dennehy gave such a fine performance (and a lot of woofy shirtless scenes) that it’s all worth the watch.

LFBears from YouTube is on a roll.  He has posted a scene from this wonderful movie…

6 thoughts on “Brian Dennehy: “The Belly Of An Architect””

  1. Brian was hot back in the day, and especially in this movie…and I’d HIM dominate me as long as he wants to 🙂

  2. I saw an edited version of this movie over broadcast television, and even with most of the good stuff yanked out, it was still hella-hot.

    They should have renamed it “Belly of Brian”! And I mean that in the best possible way.

    I have to admit, though, somehow I thought he had more fur than that. No matter; one of my fantasies has been fulfilled. Now if only Peter Greenaway would think of something for Abraham Benrubi…

  3. it’s not anyone’s best film, but rentworthy. your stills haven’t shown brian climbing over the bed where you get a glimpse of his balls between his legs from the back. greenaway can’t do movies without male nudity!

  4. Agreed, this is a great film.
    I’m a huge fan of director Peter Greenaway’s work in general – creative, challanging, and beautiful films.
    It helps that there’s a naked chub scene in just about every one…
    If you can fin an early short film called 26 Bathrooms, there’s a winderful shower scene.

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