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The Guvnor Mickey Francis Is Also The Daddy

Next time I hear someone yell and ask, “Who’s The Daddy?,” I will give them a confused look as I decide on answering with either Ray Winstone, Glenn Ross, or The Guvnor Mickey Francis

(higher quality version)

The Guvnor Mickey Francis [Official Site; MySpace; YouTube] is a professional wrestler from Manchester, England.  Not only does he possess a godlike stocky physique that’s prone to getting drenched by bottled water, he has this stunning smile and infectious laugh that can catch you literally unawares.

The following photo set shows the woofy Guvnor and his mad skills with purified water body soaking (that should be a sport in itself!)…

The following photo set truly exudes his magnetic charisma simply by just smiling.  *sighs*

And, lest I forget my little (lol) fetish, here are some photos that I personally find to be really nice.  -_^