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More Woofy Commercial Bears Of Scotland

Here are more awesome commercials (courtesy of TheUnionAgency) with, of course, woofy Scottish bears, chubs, and daddies…  Slainte!

This first one is from Careers Scotland where we find a handsome daddy bear searching for career advice in a very wrong (but funny) place…

The next two are from ScotRail commercials; and I have to admit that they’re pretty clever and they work.  More importantly, both have lovely daddy bears in ’em…

I will watch this cute daddy yell “Salt & Vinegar” all day…

Guess who’s newspaper stand I’d go to?

This cute chub sold the company’s services for just being hot.  But, please, don’t eat the merchandise!

And, finally, here is a series of commercials for Broadband For Scotland.  (OMG, some are still using dial-up?!)  Anyway, a cute daddy bear goes psycho both at home and at work because of said dial-up…

Chubby Daddy Bear Taking A Shower: Healthy Living Commercial


healthyliving-bear-12Actually, I’d like to disagree…

TheUnionAgency YouTube page is a great site of commercials which are all based in Scotland.  My favorite one was solely based on the amount of skin shown. Lol.  Anyway, this is part of a commercial series from Healthy Living where we see three men in various stages of “living unhealthily.”  The last man shown and the object of my attraction (the beautiful chubby daddy bear taking a shower) would definitely raise eyebrows as it’s not really making fun of chubby men, but more about providing an alternate lifestyle.  Again, it’s that fine gray line between looking sexy & hot and feeling healthy…