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Tim Rossovich: “Night Shift”

If Tom Selleck and Will Ferrell were to spawn a manbear, it would result into the woofy Tim Rossovich.  According to Mr. Rossovich’s IMDB bio, he used to be college roommates with Tom Selleck at USC.  That would explain the similar ‘stache and ‘fro.

Here’s a scene that you can bet your money I watched a lot when I was a kid.  It’s from a great flick titled, Night Shift.

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[BearBeat] Tim Rossovich: “Looker”

Back in the mid-’80s, I was obsessed with HBO and the movies that it would play over and over again.  Luckily, they were totally awesome 80’s movies.  One such a movie was Michael Crichton’s Looker.  I can still watch this movie to this day and it’s still an exciting film.

As a big bonus, Tim Rossovich played a goon that made life hard for the ever-woofy Albert Finney.  There’s one particular scene that I “enjoyed” because Albert’s character finally got a chance to get even.  He could have done many things, but I’m glad he did what he did…

So, we get to see Albert Finney kicks Tim Rossovich in some place painful.  The idea alone is golden.  But in execution, I give it a:

BearBeat Score:
5 out of 5 Pawnches

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