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Travis Ortmayer: Accused Of Doping Up With Viagra

While searching for Travis Ortmayer photos on the web, I’ve stumbled upon this photo and the accompanying article:


The original article is located here and the Google (semi-) translated version here:

Assist each penisami

It is not located in the head.  American strongmani embrace najohydniejszych ways to defeat our champion Mariusz Pudzianowski (31 l.).  One of them, Travis Ortmayer (27 l.), during the recent world championships, even took a Viagra, to keep balls thrown in his platform … penis.

For many, and so he did not help.  Ortmayer, as did four other American wrestler, had to recognize the superiority of the Polish “Dominator”.  Bullets are usually the last competition event.  There are five, each heavier than the previous one, and the latter weighs 200 kg.  Pudzianowski never have problems with their loading, but as you can see – you need some help, even in such embarrassing manner.

– Viagra is a very popular measure to take the tablets by a group of players.  But the truth is that it … give nothing – tell us anonymously person closely connected with the environment strongmanow.

For Ortmayer it was not a “debut” a few times before trying a similar trick.

– But it must be further developed, because bullets still make him a lot of problems – mocking our informant.

It’s fascinating to see how people would say whatever it takes to prove that “The Other Side” is underhanded and “evil.”  Competitive sports tend to bring the worst in people, especially from the fans.  The above article is from an actual news website in Poland.  I thought that it was some kind of “humor” site, but upon closer inspection, it wasn’t.  However, in their defense, that photograph appears to be a scan from a tabloid.  Either way, the butchered English translation say otherwise: they’re angry at the American strongmen for cheating which caused Mariusz Pudzianowski to lose.

But, Viagra?  Oh, come on!

And let me dispel something.  That image was cleverly manipulated.  Not by Photoshop, but by deliberately concealing something.  Check out this video (especially the first instance of it at the :15 second mark) and the following screenshot from it.

Travis Ortmayer atlas stones sticky

Basically, Mr. Ortmayer was using (legally) “Tacky” — which is a sticky pine resin that is allowed by the rules and should be applied to the forearms and chest (if the competitor is not wearing a shirt) [from WannaBeBig.com].  The Tacky from the stones would then stick to his shorts.  However, our intrepid news reporters felt that it was actually Travis’ elongated member that helped him win the event.

Anyway, all that info just to segue for more screenshots of a shirtless Travis Ortmayer practicing with the Atlas Stones…

Lol, I know.  I’m no different from those sneaky Polish news reporters…  -_^

Travis Ortmayer applies tacky 01

Travis Ortmayer applies tacky 04

Travis Ortmayer applies tacky 05

Travis Ortmayer applies tacky 07

Travis Ortmayer: The “Texas Stoneman”

Travis Ortmayer flexingFrom demomile’s Flickr Photostream

Travis Ortmayer iconTravis Ortmayer is an American Professional Strongman from Texas who has been nicknamed the “Texas Stoneman” due to his dominance and expertise in the Atlas Stone strength events [Wikipedia].

His massive physique reminds me of Britain’s Terry Hollands.  I’ve seen him before but I paid closer attention this time out as he has gotten thicker and bulkier during the 2009 Arnold Strongman Classic.

I know, I know…  ^_^

Here are some videos from that event:

Travis Ortmayer 1

Travis Ortmayer 2

I know, the screenshots are blurry, but hey, I did the best I could…  Anyway, here are a couple of clear videos:

This is the longer version/different angle of the previous video:

Travis Ortmayer atlas stones 01

Travis Ortmayer atlas stones 07

Travis Ortmayer atlas stones 11

Travis Ortmayer atlas stones 12

Travis Ortmayer atlas stones 13

Travis Ortmayer IMG6810

Travis Ortmayer DSC02746

Travis Ortmayer DSC02603

Travis Ortmayer photo 01
What I want to know is: "Does he ever feel pain when lifting the Atlas Stones with his nipple rings on?"