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Kirkpinar: Some Of Turkish Wrestling’s Finest

Turkish Greased Wrestling at Kirkpinar Edirne has been a long-running site dedicated to this ancient sport.  Thanks to that webpage, I finally get to put names on these Turkish athletes.  Here are my Top 5 godlike specimens of bearish Turks…

Ahmet Yavuz is my definite favorite from the set.
That cute face, furry body, and husky frame is just utter bear-fection.

Cengiz Zengin is definitely not a number 2 on this list.  That masculine face,
thinning hair, and chubby body covered with fur is pure bear bliss.

Omer Arslantas may not be as furry, but seeing such a wide body with sexy
love handles and that eternally handsome face is undoubtedly “oiled-up”
material (if you know what I mean).

Sezgin Yuksel is so adorably cute that I feel guilty thinking of him as a sex object.  ^_^

Aydin Polatci possesses that “bad guy” look that I always get attracted to.  His
bald head, big nose & ears, and burly physique in a complete package is amazingly hot.