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Shirtless Saturday: Van Hatfield

I once posted about powerlifter and strongman Van Hatfield here.  Ever since then, I’ve always been on a lookout for some shirtless photos of him.  Thanks to BassBoom‘s Real_Thick Yahoo Group, we got one.  We just see his back though.  Regardless, it’s a drool-worthy shot of such a massively beautiful husky back…


He’s not shirtless in the next photo, but, hey, you can’t go wrong with a wifebeater!


And just check out the brute strength of this musclebear behemoth as he carries 800 pounds with him in Farmers Walk.  You can literally feel the serious pain and strain.

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Van Hatfield: How Strongmen Play Chess

Powerlifter and strongman, Van Hatfield, shows us how strongmen play chess in this clever Honda Ridgeline commercial.

(higher quality version)

(higher quality version)

The following super blurry YouTube screenshots (and the above animated gif) came from this video: 2004 Team Championships – USA vs Netherlands – Log Press.

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