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Kasey Studdard: That Beefy Dude In The Vince Young Party Photos

A few months ago, a couple of photos were posted in BlogXilla.com of a drunk and shirtless Vince Young.  I could talk about the author’s unintentionally homophobic lighthearted remarks (“Is that how the Ballers do it? It looks like a Sausage party to me b/c I don’t see nearly enough women around to warrant taking off anyone’s shirt!!! It’s just not right!!!”) or I could talk about how Vince Young is pretty buffed or I could talk about how Vince Young has every right to party…  However, the only important thing is this:

What every party needs is a shirtless big bearish dude, just like Kasey Studdard, offensive lineman of the Houston Texans.

Anyway, after a long night of partying, one definitely needs to hydrate as much as possible…

I actually feel very refreshed myself.  Gotta love the photographer for those awesome photos…

Here are more of the woofy Kasey Studdard:

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