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Chad Brock, Me, And My Self-Hating Neurosis

I am very self-conscious about my looks.  In fact, I don’t particularly like my face and body at all.  I actually wish that I was bigger, well, “bearish,” more specifically.  Or for heaven’s sakes, even “cubbish” would have been nice.  Well, not much I can do about it, unless I got an ExTrEmE BeAr MaKeOvEr.  ^_^

Anyway, as this is my personal blog, I figure that I come out of the closet and slowly introduce myself by showing off my mug.  At least, I’m introducing myself to sympathetic (I hope!) guys and gals who are like me.  I actually snuck in a few photos of myself in the “About Your Rambling Author” link above (yes, I am not an openly gay man).  I figure that no one will really discover me as the web is such a massive place.  Lol.  Famous last words.

This was me 5 years ago.  I figure that I put me sad mug because I believe in karma,
or specifically, “reciprocation.”  I’ve posted so many images of woofy bears — who
are still human beings after all — in
various “revealing” photos/videos.  So let me
repay them in kind with images of my (lolz) armpits…
Eh, what the heck.  You only live once, you know?

And, finally, here’s a 2001 photo of me with Chad Brock.  It was my second Chad Brock concert.  And if it’s not obvious enough, I was beaming and gleaming (damn you, oily skin!) with drunken joy.  To this day, I can vividly recall what it felt and smelled like being extremely close to Mr. Chad Brock.  I mean, check out my right shoulder happily buried in between Chad’s armpit.  Man, I can still feel his beefy chest and bicep squeezing unto my lucky shoulder.  Also, if you can see through my glasses, my eyeballs are actually staring at Mr. Brock’s chest hair.  😛

Chad Brock and a Filipino K.D. Lang impersonator

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