Dominic Filiou: Calling All Casting Directors


Calling all Casting Directors.  Calling all Casting Directors.

Do you need a big man in your film or tv productions?  Do you need a massive and evil henchman  (preferably one who’s only wearing a loincloth) who will be the bane of your medieval-like heroes?  Do you need the ultimate towering fighter to have that climactic battle with one of your Asian actor gifted in the martial arts and snappy one-liners?  Do you have a prison movie and that shower scene just seems to be lacking a little “big” of something?  How about that pro-wrestling biopic of yours?  I’m pretty sure that it will surely need a massive opponent.  If you have said “yes” to any of this, then Mr. Dominic Filiou is The Bear for you…

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  1. Hi my name is Alexa and my compnay Frazier Industrial would like to hire Dominic for an upcoming event that we have in Jan. 08.

    Can someone please contact me at 800-637-6786 or 201-400-0829 (US).

    Thanks, Alexa Thorp

  2. ^^ I gots to say it:


    (Though, on the other hand, Mr. Filiou might actually be interested in the offer as most strongmen tend to do projects like these on the side… So, it might not be a LOL, after all.) 😀

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